About The Property

Each building has 5 floors with 8 apartments on each totaling 40 apartments per building. One of the four apartment buildings has the ground floor reserved for commercial use. Learn more about our project clicking in the tabs below:

Service Center

Apartment owners of Avesa will enjoy, along with the purchase of their apartment, the following benefits:
– Shopping Center:
It includes mini-market, pharmacy, meeting rooms, among other services.
– Beach Club: Discounts at the beach club.
– Complementary transportation:
Avesa would provide free Blue Mall transportation, transportation to the beach club etc.
– Garbage collection: Six days a week.
– One next generation big wastewater treatment plants
– Elevator maintenance: It is performed monthly. In case of emergency, immediate availability.
– 24 Hour Security: Seven days a week.
– Water consumption: Pretreated
– Landscape maintenance: It is performed daily.
– Swimming Pool Maintenance: It is performed daily.
– Electricity for common areas:
Twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Includes pool, elevators, and its surroundings.

Home Amenities

Each unit is furnished with:
Washing Machine
1 air conditioning unit
Smart access system
Smart lighting system
Smart camera